What Do You Expect From a Body Lotion?

what do you expect from a body lotion by www.tobelikealady.com

Have you ever walked away a stranger and smiled him/her while been asking yourself what the perfume could be? I always ask that person what is his/her perfume is because I can't get rid of purchasing temptation and if I feel lost in the direction... LALA I get crazy!

I am a big fan of nice beautiful scents. It is not enough to not smell horrible, in my opinion everyone must smell beautifully. As times pass by, having more affordable choices, is getting easier. I ask myself how the girls were doing before Soap and Glory, Body Shop, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works... These days on budget perfumes are everywhere. But you know which object in this world has more priority than perfume to me? Body Lotions! I worship the Body Lotions and  here you are my reasons:

a. Most of them have a mix of oil bases so it sticks on your skin's surface then makes your perfume long lasting.

b. It gives you you instant skin hydration which means a lot to me.

c. The scented body lotions are lifesavers for summer days, for days indoor and long hours of working and meeting

D. I am an aroma addict! Clear?

 Love Is Heavenly by Victoria Secret Body Lotion This is all in one. It is super hydrating, smells heavenly (honestly) and a kind fellow for the same scented perfumes.

Secret Wonderland Body Lotion with vitamin E, Jojoba and Shea butter Signature Collection by Bath and Body Works It will become your all time signature as it claims. So you must decide before choosing that. I adore this body lotion. The only complain is less expected hydrating power.

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