CLINIQUE Anti-blemish Solutions Mask in my Skin's Love!

Clinique anti-blemish solutions mask by www.tobelikealady.com

Do you know how it does feel when you are amazed by a product? By a product way more than your prediction? So, I am feeling more than amazed level! I really want to embrace this mask and take it to the bed. I was in the mood to remove the nastiness from my face! Blemishes, those new red ugly dots, black heads! After passing the regular steps I reached to the mask phase and the magic happened!

This CLINIQUE  mask is from the anti-blemish solution line. I am investigating myself why I haven't been using it that late! It honestly, faithfully does the purifying action and the day after you will see a main difference on your skin health. The formula is a clay mask type and it dries quickly. It says to have it on for 10 minutes but as always I follow my rule up to 20 minutes.

What made me to think of having the mask is the little sister of the same line! It is Anti-Blemish Solution that you can check my post out here. It was the biggest 2014 discovery in my skin's health so you can feel deeper my lovely relationship with it.

Clinique anti-blemish solutions mask by www.tobelikealady.com

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