Foundation in a Pot #CLARINS Extra Comfort

CLARINS is the name of wonderful skincare products. Well, does it sound the same in the makeup world?! I wasn't sure against all the positive reviews I'd heard and read. I swatched the eye shadows and lip products which all are high quality cosmetic products!

Let me tell you my real deep experience and spread my report. The day I purchased it I was craving for a foundation with more hydrating formula. I did test it under my chin and on the jaw! In my eyes it covered to the perfection!

However, why I am not still that smiled face?
- In comparison to my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, I am not as pleased as with this one for the coverage reasons! For sure it is a medium to high coverage but Not For My Desire! I prefer a flawless accomplishment to conceal all pores, red spots, acne marks etc.

Nevertheless, why it is a nice lovely purchase?
 The amount of product (you see proportion), SPF on it, anti-aging solutions and lastly cute handy applicator to take it out instead of using your finger tips; make a whole package of covering layers you want to apply on your face.

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