Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

 Thit is not the most satisfying post to read, but at least it is informative. To know, not all weird products can make you happy. I always say welcome to unusual products on my desk to examine, play with and report! And I have to say it is not the good boy! It is supposed to accomplish two goals in the same time with a simple interesting mechanism. Lengthening and volume! As you see by photos there are two wound and one applicator; Which the second is thinner and hides into the larger one!
Long story short! All game is to make only and the one wound smaller to offer you voluminous lashes.

It failed because it falls down everywhere after two hours! It gives you bulky messy short lashes! It doesn't do any thing related to organize the lashes one by one, thick and long! 
Now, you know why I couldn't get along with this mascara. 

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