Internet Culture #people are not helpful

There are a millions of benefits of social medias; people are in touch, you never miss your family by having social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, smart phones and telecommunication tools.
 Beside, being more mentioned and receiving more likes on your social media pages, numbers of followers and subscribers are new type of credit to evaluate your success and popularity. After  having my social medias or this blog I noticed the hidden dimensions of people that you usually are not able to see through. These are not pleasing items and I want to share them with you.

We follow each other to have more followers. It is incredibly disgusting! It means I don't pay attention to you unless you have something in your pocket for me!

We follow each other but never Retweet and Share! Yeah, That is the next step. We don't RT each others' posts or SHARE them because we wouldn't like to add stats on other's Dashboard. We are n't pleased to help other's Popularity.

We favorite each others' tweets but never read the mentioned links there. Yo make effort and read other's posts? To do or Not to do?! NOT TO DO!

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