My Skincare Kit for Long Hour Flights

Well, long flights to me means more than five hours and up to twelve. That is horrible and sometimes more than my tolerance level. Your skin is one of those fellows who will be destroyed by the cabin pressure and dehydration first. I am not going to frighten you but I am warning you and that is serious!


CLARINS PARIS Gentle Foaming cleanser with cottonseed A friendly gentle cleanser is perfect for my skin. Here I have talked about the sample size I tried before and here I have the miniature version of that. After one hour and first meal, I cleanse my skin.

Hydration session:

It starts from my VICHY Thermal Spa Water. The travel size products are the best choice you 100ml liquid limitation.

Hydrating mask:

This small round jar is a used eye cream which is filled by CLARINS Hydra Quench Mask. This mask works as a cream either. If you don't like to have it on all the time can remove that by a damp cotton and remove that after twenty minutes. (use your Water spray to damp it)

Around the Eyes:

 CLINIQUE even better eyes dark circle corrector. It has a bit of shimmer on it as illuminating effect that helps me a lot to not look like a dead body with two purple circle around my eyes. It is super hydrating which meets my need for dry weather in cabin.

Hydrating Serum:

Serums are more concentrated than creams formula. So in this kind of dehydration situation I prefer to take the small serum of the same range of CLARINS. It is the CLARINS PARIS Hydra Quench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase

Poor Lips:

I always have chapped lips; that makes it easy to imagine what happened to my lips after 12 hours flights! BIODERMA Atoderm Levres, Restorative lip Balm, Dry Capped Damaged Skin Nourishes, Soothes! It has a greasy formula that let to survive longer on my lips.

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