Period Accessories

The period time is when you need to double the treatment! You need to give yourself double love and attention to keep calm and pass that painful anxious days.

There are some regular dose I take "Dietary Supplements"
1. Ironchell 18 GNC  
period accessories by www.tobelikealady.com Ironchell 18 GNC

2. Pain Killer Dologestic plus Ibuprofen- Cafein 200 mg- 30mg
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any related link to give you a guid. But the said details reveals a complete story about my holy pain killer. The combination of Caffeine and Ibuprofen reduces the pain and will let you sleep couple of hours after long painful hours.

Having the beautiful feminine things around, show me the glamorous side of horrible days:
3. Luxurious pads
Always Daily Platinum Collection, Large, extra protection

4. Luxurious Underwear
Women Secret

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