Smoothen Your Body

Step 1.

One of those words which you never hear from the ladies around you; Have you felt the excess hair? On the sexy legs? On your six pack belly? Oh, come on girl! Be shameless! It is a common experience among all the girls around the world. That's why we all need shaving! My trusted Gillette Venus in blue is my First step to soften my body. With a bit of shaving foam or gel everything might be more easier. AND No lotion will absorb properly by having excess hair on.

Step 2. 

We ladies have got enough reasons to fill in our beauty shelves by various lotions! Hydrating lotions, scented lotions, creamy ones, those which serves the tanning purposes; In Winter to prevent the over freezing because it is so cold outside and In the summer after sun bath or spending the whole day shopping and having fun with friends in the streets and mall! Even, for sleeping comfortably.
What is the most natural option is leave your body with a rich layer of a nice scented liquid texture lotion! Message it, after couple of minutes you probably are sank! No Worries you will be out with another skin!

If the preface has made you sick, I would like to tell you it is the end and I religiously have used the La Roche-Posay Body Lotion in winter and now in the Spring every single day. The amount of the product is perfect to be relax and used one pump after another - jejejeje! The Spa like scent of it reminds me the after pool atmosphere. As it is said on the bottle it is La Roche-Posay ISO-UREA Fluide Smoothing Moisturizing Anti-Roughness. It is 400 ml- a good deal!

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