Givenchy Travel Makeup Palette

Givenchy travel makeup palette+travel exclusive on www.tobelikealady.com

Travel makeup kits! Honestly, I haven't seen the real practical ones! It is so hard to find a complete smart kit which satisfies me with all details. Surprisingly, thy are not cheap as well; this is another down side of travel makeup kits! All in all, I have a new discovery that has made me more optimistic in this phase of beauty products. 

Givenchy Travel makeup palette, Travel Exclusive, a high end brand from shoes and sunnies to makeup and perfumes made me fall in love with this compact kit. Oh my god, The quality of eye shadows are amazing! Highlighters, bronzer and blushes all contains a nice texture and a glowy effect! Tow lip products are a healthy pink and red colors! These two colors on a travel makeup kit is crazy smart choice because what you need after long flights, dehydration and jet lag is to add a bit of human like shades on your lips! Imagine, you have worn a vampy color, purple or nude shades instead!!!

Givenchy travel makeup palette+travel exclusive on www.tobelikealady.com

The brush is not a Bobi Brown type but a it's a small brush to meets your needs! The only complain I am going to tell you is the eye pencil! IF you are me; with a huge eager to wear bold eye liner it doesn't that much! The packaging is small and slim enough to throw it in your carry on or your handbag!

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