L'OREAL PARIS Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil

L'OREAL PARIS Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil review on www.tobelikealady.com
L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil

This post is pretty emotional and tough is the same time! It is emotional because I am so excited to report my very first review on a facial oil after a quite long experiments (almost 90 days) and it is tough because I know not all the products work the same for everyone!

I am one of those girl who had been stayed away from oils according to thousands of recommends for an oily skin! And never thought being able to enjoy this sort of products. I preferred to start off with a lower price in the market.

 Now Ready to Go:
 L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil is not disappointing at all. Based on my type of skin and whole health status is not the best anti-aging choice but it is a phenomenal product to complement.

Personal feeling: Applying the oil after my daily cleansing routine Doesn't feel good! It is not a hydrating oil at least for the level of my skin's dehydration! My point is that the Age Perfect Facial oil is an Anti-aging oil to me not a moisturizing one!

The Golden point: Through a simple routine that includes most of the nights (#Overexhaustedtime); I apply that after my Hydra Quench Cream. My skin turns into a piece of silk with ultimate smoothness and glow.

In the Side: How much I love it because the way it smells, I can't say enough! A pure deep herbal scent.        

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