Biotherm Age Fitness Day cream Review

Biotherm Age Fitness Day cream Review

Personal Technical Preface: First of all, I admit I am addict to blogging! I found it in recent absent days! My computer was crazy and my internet didn't allow to open any page (Low Speed Internet's gift) that made me mad! I really enjoy sharing all my good and bad experiences with you all around Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle things. Please, accept my apology for being late.

Biotherm Age Fitness Cream: I want to call it a sea moisturizer! An ocean hydrating cream! I had tried the night cream one from the same brand before, but I never thought the day cream would be more efficient and contains more powerful ingredients in it. I checked out the Biotherm website to give you the direct link but I guess this beauty has been discontinued because I couldn't find it there now! Creamy texture is a light green alga color with a fresh ocean scent which encourages you to jump in any hole of water you can find around. I should tell you that it is a heavy cream, so if you are not a big fan of heavy weight skincare products, may not fall in love with this pot. The power of absorption and hydrating the lower layers is absolutely out of expectation. It can serve your skin's moisture for about 5 to 6 hours which is perfect for the brand price tag.
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How to Survive Long Hours in Airport

How to Survive Long Hours in Airport photos on How to survive long hours in airpor

I have been stuck in the airport so many times; It is an awkward hate or love situation! You can enjoy every minutes and in the contrast you may hate it to death! I choose the first one. In Case you have no lounge and you are not able to rent the hotel room in the airport:

1. First thing First, take a shower when you get in transit salon.

2. Brush your teeth.

3. Have a spare underwear, shirt and a pair of pants in your carry on; change your clothes.

4. Look around the airport, There are tons of entertainment there. Duty free shops; Souvenir stores, casino, etc.

5. Listen to music; these days all mobile phones have enough memory space to fill it with your favorite music tracks.

6. Watch movie (take your laptop and some movies); The series work better in this situations because they keep you busy and entertained.

7. Buy yourself a light meal and feed your body.

8. Do some movements on this video:" Travel Tips: Canckles by Sonia's travel  .

In Case you need some more treats:
9. Go to a hair salon: washing and blow drying your hair make a new person way distinct from that exhausted lady.

10. Try massage! This is my favorite. Long hours of sitting and walking in the previous flight and around the airport had presented you the most awful aches! Your body will try a better blood circulation and you probably will be happy at the end. photos on How to survive long hours in airpor

Side Note: If you have your lounge in the airport, you can do the steps way easier and cheaper, shower, food and put your carry on one of those lockers; find a comfortable seat and rest for a while. Don't forget to have your alarm on to wake up on time and not to lose the next flight.

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Disappointing Beauty Products; VS & Missha

Disappointing Beauty Products; VS & Missha photos disappointing beauty products by

I work hard to make the cosmetic products work for me. I never give up after first and second try. It's been a long time I have mentioned the Missha on my blog here. And later on, I have had a bunch of Victoria Secret beauty products, So now I am presenting two disappointing beauty purchase on this post.

Eye makeup is my first step after retouching and preparing my base. Everywhere I am curious to know about any kind of eye liner, eye shadows, Mascaras, etc. I picked Beauty Rush Liquid Eye Glitter Liner Victoria Secret.

My expectation: Firmed pigmented glitters in liquid texture; firmed enough to carry on a big amount of glitters on the wound and stick on my lid! Shiny for having exaggerated sexy eyes.

What Is in real world: Runny water, with few glitters on it; It can't create an glittery sparkly line! It sadly failed. photos disappointing beauty products by

Oh, Goshhhh, I did my best to make this lipstick pigmented; It doesn't cover enough even with lip primer, lip balms... No, No, No! It is failed! photos disappointing beauty products by

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GIVENCHY Ange ou Demon Le secrert Elixir Eau de Perfume

GIVENCHY Ange ou Demon Le secrert Elixir Eau de Perfume

GIVENCHY Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir Eau de Perfume; Not any way similar to the first version of ange ou demon. I believe it is more intense and have more sexual aroma reminders in. My imagination about this perfume is nano size pieces of sexual and soft female emotions which float into your brain to start a deep biochemical transaction and finally feel a real women is walking inside!

It really does make me more like a lady. The perfume components stay for days on the fabric and for hours on your skin. I wore this perfume for three month of non-stop business days in the row. As I felt tired or anxious because of high pressure of work I used to apply a bit on my wrist and then jump into the rest of chores.
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Mythic Oil L'oreal Paris; My After Bath!

Mythic Oil L'oreal Paris; My After Bath! photo, a review on Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil for all hair types  L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL 125ml

Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil for all hair types  L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL 125ml! It is my first step after bath! You might think how fast I jumped right into that! Yeah, that's the result of pure love this stuff presents me. It is quite a long period I dye and highlight my hair; I can't stop doing that. Logically, when you can't resist the beauty transformation with chemical materials you must look for perfect treatment to take the life back.

Hair ends are the most disaster type of dryness, dull condition and tired member of the body! Mythic oil is a commercial name for one of the Argan Oil products from L'OREAL PARIS company. And On the side note, my first experience of Argan oil derived from Moroccan Argan Trees by Babylis; Which is insane and I can't describe how this produce is amazing, efficient to turn the dull hair into silky wavy soft alive friendly hair! Unfortunately, I ran out of it so I dug the market and found this bottle. It smells so good but  not as pure as the BabyLis one.

Mythic Oil Nourishing oil works nice. It adds the lost moist to the ends (I apply the oil all over my hair). The formula is light and I notice the water based elements in it. Not so runny to bother you. In my case, I need about four to five pumps to cover and massage gently to absorb and feel fresh after bath. 

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What Make a Vlog Boring and My Favorite Vloggers

What Make a Vlog Boring and My Favorite Vloggers

I watch many of tutorials, in Fashion and  Beauty channels. Also, I would like to watch others' lives with no filter and mask. I am so happy for having a group of YouTubers who are honest and real. It took me a while to find the expert vloggers and choose those I love most. Here you have two of my favorite Vloggers:

Fleur De Force (For her Daily Vlogs):
The Most new series of her vlogs is JuneDeForce:

Claire Marshall: Her channel is named Heyclaire
I love her vlogs because of the editing creativity. She usually starts to tell the story and in between the cut and edited videos. Her Last Vlog has been her LONDON BEAUTY CON Vlog:

The Last one is Anna Gardner; her channel is named: Viviamadoesmakeup; I love her Weekly Vlogs.

Watching so many of Vlogs gave me the ability to understand the weak and power points of these types of videos. As a big viewer and Vlog fan I hope tips below can help you with your next Vlog:

1. Don't Repeat the same in your daily Vlogs! I've got a real example in my sleeves: Walking in the street and filming your steps for ten to twenty seconds and repeat that! It is fun and creative for a very short period of time; but people won't pay the Internet to stare at your steps. Another one is Heading to the metro. I have seen this scene in hundreds of Vlogs! Please, keep in mind that the new things can make audiences satisfied. You can't say I am Vlogging for myself! No, because, you are doing because a group of people watch that.

2. Quick movements of camera; This one makes me crazy! And can't talk more about. It is a very touching part. PLEASE, Don't Do That!

3. Long monologue: no one cares about your long monologue. It is rude. I know, but the matter is that no one would like to listen to a monologue minutessssssss. Viewers mainly it is important to the seek entertainment.

4. Be careful about the Conversations: Especially when it happens with more than two people.

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CLINIQUE Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

CLINIQUE Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

Clinique even better eye correction cerns cream review  by

Puffy eyes, Dark rounded shapes on your face! Not have been attacked, But have been suffered from insomnia and short sleep rounds. I believe in prevention power furthermore in knowledge of instant repair; Sounds weird? Just keep reading; illuminators  are a delightful formulation for this type of occasions. The formula contains anti-aging elements and a hint of color to cover the dull tired skins.

I usually apply that as an eye shadow primer for having a day outside and in case I am having a lazy day in I put it on as a minimized makeup! The Applicator is a metal one which these days you can see many brands are releasing this type in eye creams produce. It mainly gets cold even in an average room degree; I haven't noticed any significant difference under my eyes by this applicator but it definitely feels good.
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Yves Rocher Arnico Bio Hand Beauty Care

Yves Rocher Arnico Bio Hand Beauty Care

Again a French Pharmacy brand. I can talk about it from face wash to anti-aging creams. But this time is the Yves Rocher Arnico Bio Beaute Des Mains Hand Beauty Cream turn. I appreciate a good, but not heavy formula that can assist you in desert occasions of your skin.

Long story short, This stuff can take your heart in first try. Just calm down and make ready for next part: It is a water base cream, so light and fast absorption. But not a long lasting moisturizing effect on your hands. I am not happy to say that, but it is a reality of poor formula.
What I love about this Hand cream is the line small amount of product which comes out. It has a very yellow color. I am not saying it is completely failed because in case your skin has a less level of dehydration, it may meet your need.

As you know I am in battle to find Hand creams, Click here to know my idea about Eucerin Hand cream PH5 Enzyme Protection 18 hours protection.

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Home Fitness Guide For 2 Crucial Occasions

Home Fitness Guide For 2 Crucial Occasions

Photo of ,Article title: Fitness at Home Guide For 2 Crucial Occasions

I was in a bad mood; I mean in a bad mood! No excuse for my yesterday's post less occasion, no! My internet sucks, my personal situation is complicated, so much is going on in my life now! There are more and more! No matter. I am going to share this post with you regarding some home directions for peace of mind and your bikini body (It is a hot topic every where "Bikini Body" Jjjjeejejeje). You and I have seen many days with gym membership, wrapped in bed, crazy running busy business days which all are equal to "No Gym Hour". That's why I thought it would be amazing to prepare myself for these common, unpredictable moments:

1.If you have read my #30daysofyogawithAdriene it's easy to guess my first equipment suggestion. Yes, A Yoga Mat. Find one with your budget, in case you can go further, invest on a good quality one. Because you have to clean it once in a while. It should be strong ;). Also, you have the chance to use it as your exercise mat.

2. Choose a pair of dumbbells in a realistic weight. I chose each 1.5 k.Gr. I prefer inspiring active colors when I am in workout mood. Why not add glam and style to your exercise equipment?

Photo of ,Article title: Fitness at Home Guide For 2 Crucial Occasions

3.   Jump Rope is a rapid movement to warm up; it burns calories and make you sweaty! It is a light weight, no space needed to storage, travel friendly and less possible harm exercise.
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La Roche-Posay &Vichy; Tested Sun Blocks

La Roche-Posay &Vichy; Tested Sun Blocks's photos + a review about La Roche-Posay &Vichy; Tested Sun Blocks

Have you ever seen some products which deserve a single separate exclusive post? My number one and on top; the queen of all sun blocks so far is one of those.

1. La Roche-Posay SPF 30 ANTHELIOS AE Invisible Serum Anti-aging Sensitive skins is one of those! It is the most light sun screen out there! It is liquid, lotion type but it is not runny! Big Thumps Up to formulation! It absorbs very fast! The amount of each pump is enough and what you expect from a pump ( Intellectual, philosophy based phrase :) ).
beside anti-aging elements the best amazing surprising magic of its formula is: "It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin; It doesn't break me out, very special anti-comodon trait is a super hero feature to me!

2. La Roche-Posay SPF 50+  ANTHELIOS XL Extreme Fluid Sun Allergies/ Sensitive Skin:
Fluid texture is my winner!
Higher than SPF 50 is perfect for Hottest days in the summer and especially weekends in beach
It is my third bottle

3. Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50+ Hydrating milk Skin Cell Sun Protection Face and Body Sensitive Skin 300ml:
Tested and Approved:
Hydrating in summer is everyone's concern! I have applied all over my face and Body plus my Husband's face and body as well in the beach on purpose to see if it works. And It works! It does Protect and Hydrate in the same time!
Side Benefits: 
Love the good quality SPF in huge amount! I think a 300ml container is full of joy and customers' satisfaction! Normally it costs you less expensive than the small ones.

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MAXFACTOR Mascara: 2 not happy experiences

MAXFACTOR Mascara: 2 not happy experiences's photo blog with topic: MAXFACTOR 2000 Calorie Waterproof volume in Rich Black &MAXFACTOR  False Lash Effect Bold Volume For 24 Hours Mascara In Black on
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It is the most horrible photo ever in blogging world; These two mascaras' quality based on condition is the same as well. In summer time my eye lids need more support to carry on the mascara and liquid eyeliner's pigments! As I am so pessimistic about eye shadow primers which are so handy to hold up all black pigments and prevent from falling down; I decided to pick and try the Waterproof mascaras occasionally to be find my besties out there! Therefore, I started by a very trusted brand in drugstore "MAXFACTOR".  I wanted the humidity resistance in the same level of volume and length; Then I read the things on the packaging:

1. MAXFACTOR 2000 Calorie Waterproof volume in Rich Black:

I do agree, it's water resistant! It doesn't come off in any situation which is a big point. BUT I wouldn't expand any relation with the mascaras if they are sterile to volume my lashes! (Read my eye lash curler on top here) It is That unproductive wound I hardly have used it since six month ago!

How to make it productive: 
You MUST have your eye lash curler beside your beauty dash to make it happen!

2. MAXFACTOR  False Lash Effect Bold Volume For 24 Hours Mascara In Black:
This one is a curvy Black and neon purple which is enough seductive to pick it up between tens of mascara there! The bold frank sentence was such a strong phrase to convince me!

What really is:
That Sexy curvy wound with small elastic plastic pointed blades on it DOES NOT ANY THING! Can you believe that! All the attractive feature are the HYPE and I am deeply sorry to experience that!

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NUXE Reve de Miel; Lips' Heaven

NUXE Reve de Miel; Lips' Heaven

Tobelikealady's photo blog as : NUXE Reve de Miel Ultra nourishing lip balm on

My Lips Story: 
Lips are those small pieces on our faces which may get less attention among all eye shadows, anti-aging pots or sexy shoes. I don't know how and when you mostly need to treat your lips but in my case it is a full time job! 7 days 24 hours I feel a dry and usually a chapped layer! 

Tobelikealady's photo blog as : NUXE Reve de Miel Ultra nourishing lip balm on

My lips story is not a new one. I am not writing you a post to make money; my lips issue have been an old concern of mine! They often get painful because of the cracked skin on. The cracked skin on for lips chewing reason! I can't describe my childhood but know that I am wiser and more focused on my own behaviors I noticed I use to chew my lower lip as daily hours get a stressful rhythm! If you would like to know what types of lip balms I have ever tried, Umm... Roc, Nivea, Bioderma( you can read here) and many more! (Beside, I practice to behave myself)

 NUXE Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm  one is a heaven! A heaven which magically and truly repairs the cracks and gives you a conjunct fulled lips texture! Don't get me wrong! It is not necessarily a balm to make lips full or juicy but I have noticed this result!  

How I Use It: 
After brushing my teeth, right  before flying to bed I apply Reve de Miel by my finger tip and massage it gently! 

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Dove & Kerastase; Perfection and a Dupe

Dove & Kerastase; Perfection and a Dupe

Kerastase bain satin 2 shampoo for dry hair and Dove for rough frizzy hair on a fashion beauty blog

I noticed that Hair is the least talked topic on my A LADY BEAUTY page! I am incredibly love my hair and it's crucial to me to take a good care of  it, you don't know that much about my routine though.

In This part I want to talk about the Shampoos I have been in love recently (Last 6 month). KERASTASE  is a big name in Hair care industry and who doesn't know about its power? If I want to describe the Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin Irisome 2 For dry , sensitive hair I would say It is a blend of conditioner/ Hair mask plus scalp cleanser with a soft white texture and fresh odor! I followed the same routine as: Shampoo, Conditioner, (sometimes) Hair mask in shower! I let me express my observation:
After rinsing off your hair, you won't touch a bunch of super dry tangles on your head!

Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo for Dry, Rough & Frizzy hair: I admit this one is not as luxury as the previous one, but it does the job almost as same as Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2! Today I am ran out of the fourth bottle!!!! Dove Oil Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo is a very good drugstore dupe for girls who need healthy hair with less budget.
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30 Days of Yoga with Adriene: Day One

30 Days of Yoga with Adriene: Day One

Summer days means more hours I tend to stay in; office, bedroom, living room! I hate when I have to spend more than thirty minutes each round to reach my club; So I decided to begin some of my old search exercise indoor! My flexibility obviously decreased and this is another reason I picked up my Yoga mat to go ahead with Adrienne.
First Day: Yesterday was the first day! It was light with some hint of future challenges. I enjoyed so much! Part no. 1 is about 34 minutes.

For whom: Those who have been away from Yoga sessions for a long time, it might be a perfect return. Nothing too harsh to bother you! Just, listen to her guidelines carefully! She usually offers you several options for some of the poses; It follows one goal: "Yoga is not to hurt you or make a pressure to do that! It is a friendly way to make you aware of your body".

I appreciate her effort and the kindly free access to videos. You can check out her here as well.
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