30 Days of Yoga with Adriene: Day One

Summer days means more hours I tend to stay in; office, bedroom, living room! I hate when I have to spend more than thirty minutes each round to reach my club; So I decided to begin some of my old search exercise indoor! My flexibility obviously decreased and this is another reason I picked up my Yoga mat to go ahead with Adrienne.
First Day: Yesterday was the first day! It was light with some hint of future challenges. I enjoyed so much! Part no. 1 is about 34 minutes.

For whom: Those who have been away from Yoga sessions for a long time, it might be a perfect return. Nothing too harsh to bother you! Just, listen to her guidelines carefully! She usually offers you several options for some of the poses; It follows one goal: "Yoga is not to hurt you or make a pressure to do that! It is a friendly way to make you aware of your body".

I appreciate her effort and the kindly free access to videos. You can check out her here as well.

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