Biotherm Age Fitness Day cream Review

Personal Technical Preface: First of all, I admit I am addict to blogging! I found it in recent absent days! My computer was crazy and my internet didn't allow to open any page (Low Speed Internet's gift) that made me mad! I really enjoy sharing all my good and bad experiences with you all around Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle things. Please, accept my apology for being late.

Biotherm Age Fitness Cream: I want to call it a sea moisturizer! An ocean hydrating cream! I had tried the night cream one from the same brand before, but I never thought the day cream would be more efficient and contains more powerful ingredients in it. I checked out the Biotherm website to give you the direct link but I guess this beauty has been discontinued because I couldn't find it there now! Creamy texture is a light green alga color with a fresh ocean scent which encourages you to jump in any hole of water you can find around. I should tell you that it is a heavy cream, so if you are not a big fan of heavy weight skincare products, may not fall in love with this pot. The power of absorption and hydrating the lower layers is absolutely out of expectation. It can serve your skin's moisture for about 5 to 6 hours which is perfect for the brand price tag.

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