How to Survive Long Hours in Airport

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I have been stuck in the airport so many times; It is an awkward hate or love situation! You can enjoy every minutes and in the contrast you may hate it to death! I choose the first one. In Case you have no lounge and you are not able to rent the hotel room in the airport:

1. First thing First, take a shower when you get in transit salon.

2. Brush your teeth.

3. Have a spare underwear, shirt and a pair of pants in your carry on; change your clothes.

4. Look around the airport, There are tons of entertainment there. Duty free shops; Souvenir stores, casino, etc.

5. Listen to music; these days all mobile phones have enough memory space to fill it with your favorite music tracks.

6. Watch movie (take your laptop and some movies); The series work better in this situations because they keep you busy and entertained.

7. Buy yourself a light meal and feed your body.

8. Do some movements on this video:" Travel Tips: Canckles by Sonia's travel  .

In Case you need some more treats:
9. Go to a hair salon: washing and blow drying your hair make a new person way distinct from that exhausted lady.

10. Try massage! This is my favorite. Long hours of sitting and walking in the previous flight and around the airport had presented you the most awful aches! Your body will try a better blood circulation and you probably will be happy at the end.

www.tobelikealady.com photos on How to survive long hours in airpor

Side Note: If you have your lounge in the airport, you can do the steps way easier and cheaper, shower, food and put your carry on one of those lockers; find a comfortable seat and rest for a while. Don't forget to have your alarm on to wake up on time and not to lose the next flight.

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