MAXFACTOR Mascara: 2 not happy experiences

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It is the most horrible photo ever in blogging world; These two mascaras' quality based on condition is the same as well. In summer time my eye lids need more support to carry on the mascara and liquid eyeliner's pigments! As I am so pessimistic about eye shadow primers which are so handy to hold up all black pigments and prevent from falling down; I decided to pick and try the Waterproof mascaras occasionally to be find my besties out there! Therefore, I started by a very trusted brand in drugstore "MAXFACTOR".  I wanted the humidity resistance in the same level of volume and length; Then I read the things on the packaging:

1. MAXFACTOR 2000 Calorie Waterproof volume in Rich Black:

I do agree, it's water resistant! It doesn't come off in any situation which is a big point. BUT I wouldn't expand any relation with the mascaras if they are sterile to volume my lashes! (Read my eye lash curler on top here) It is That unproductive wound I hardly have used it since six month ago!

How to make it productive: 
You MUST have your eye lash curler beside your beauty dash to make it happen!

2. MAXFACTOR  False Lash Effect Bold Volume For 24 Hours Mascara In Black:
This one is a curvy Black and neon purple which is enough seductive to pick it up between tens of mascara there! The bold frank sentence was such a strong phrase to convince me!

What really is:
That Sexy curvy wound with small elastic plastic pointed blades on it DOES NOT ANY THING! Can you believe that! All the attractive feature are the HYPE and I am deeply sorry to experience that!

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