Mythic Oil L'oreal Paris; My After Bath!

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Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil for all hair types  L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL 125ml! It is my first step after bath! You might think how fast I jumped right into that! Yeah, that's the result of pure love this stuff presents me. It is quite a long period I dye and highlight my hair; I can't stop doing that. Logically, when you can't resist the beauty transformation with chemical materials you must look for perfect treatment to take the life back.

Hair ends are the most disaster type of dryness, dull condition and tired member of the body! Mythic oil is a commercial name for one of the Argan Oil products from L'OREAL PARIS company. And On the side note, my first experience of Argan oil derived from Moroccan Argan Trees by Babylis; Which is insane and I can't describe how this produce is amazing, efficient to turn the dull hair into silky wavy soft alive friendly hair! Unfortunately, I ran out of it so I dug the market and found this bottle. It smells so good but  not as pure as the BabyLis one.

Mythic Oil Nourishing oil works nice. It adds the lost moist to the ends (I apply the oil all over my hair). The formula is light and I notice the water based elements in it. Not so runny to bother you. In my case, I need about four to five pumps to cover and massage gently to absorb and feel fresh after bath. 

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