What Make a Vlog Boring and My Favorite Vloggers

I watch many of tutorials, in Fashion and  Beauty channels. Also, I would like to watch others' lives with no filter and mask. I am so happy for having a group of YouTubers who are honest and real. It took me a while to find the expert vloggers and choose those I love most. Here you have two of my favorite Vloggers:

Fleur De Force (For her Daily Vlogs):
The Most new series of her vlogs is JuneDeForce:

Claire Marshall: Her channel is named Heyclaire
I love her vlogs because of the editing creativity. She usually starts to tell the story and in between the cut and edited videos. Her Last Vlog has been her LONDON BEAUTY CON Vlog:

The Last one is Anna Gardner; her channel is named: Viviamadoesmakeup; I love her Weekly Vlogs.

Watching so many of Vlogs gave me the ability to understand the weak and power points of these types of videos. As a big viewer and Vlog fan I hope tips below can help you with your next Vlog:

1. Don't Repeat the same in your daily Vlogs! I've got a real example in my sleeves: Walking in the street and filming your steps for ten to twenty seconds and repeat that! It is fun and creative for a very short period of time; but people won't pay the Internet to stare at your steps. Another one is Heading to the metro. I have seen this scene in hundreds of Vlogs! Please, keep in mind that the new things can make audiences satisfied. You can't say I am Vlogging for myself! No, because, you are doing because a group of people watch that.

2. Quick movements of camera; This one makes me crazy! And can't talk more about. It is a very touching part. PLEASE, Don't Do That!

3. Long monologue: no one cares about your long monologue. It is rude. I know, but the matter is that no one would like to listen to a monologue minutessssssss. Viewers mainly it is important to the seek entertainment.

4. Be careful about the Conversations: Especially when it happens with more than two people.

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