essence All About Matt oil Control Paper

essence All About Matt oil Control Paper photo on essence All About Matt oil Control Paper review

What I used to do:
I never go out of the door without my setting powder! My bag weapons contains a high quality powder to handle oils, sweat and the fine lines which suck the concealer and all covering stuff. However I noticed I am not the most put together face there! Because sometimes the heat gets stronger, and more setting powder means "involving more bright colors on temple and T-Zone basically". I mean you will get back to home with a different range of color! photo on essence All About Matt oil Control Paper reviewNow, with Essence All About Matt Oil Control paper:
This papers help a lot to get rid of humidity without highlighting your skin more than before. It grabs the exact wetness. I love the moment when I am happy and peaceful, not struggling to manage the skin during the friendly reunion or long sight seeing in the city.
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Victorias Secret Lip Products Review

Victorias Secret Lip Products Review photos review on Victoria Secret Lip Products

Victorias Secret Beauty Rush COLORSHINE Gloss Pink Lemonaid 

It is not easy at all to notice your purchase doesn't work. I just can't understand the failure chance of a company that would produces thousands of cool goodies and Only one rubbish item, which accidentally it passes through your shopping basket! After ten minutes nothing will remain on my lips AND little amount product gets out of the bottle!
I believe the Beauty Rush line of VS is a mess, because I recently reported an eye liner from this range! A disappointing one! Read it here. photos review on Victoria Secret Lip Products

Victoria Secret COLOR SHINE Lip Gloss Brillant A LEVRES: 

First Admit is: This is glittery like celebrities' lips on photo shoots. Oh, You can't feel that! You must try that. The most shiny one I have ever worn. I think the VS has done a great job in making the formula. It's hard to get it online; everywhere is sold out. Remember the game changer. When I am talking about Glitters, Shinning elements, Glossy finish I mean a Holy Respectful lip gloss. photos review on Victoria Secret Lip Products

Victoria Secret Smooth Kiss Glossy Lip Butter

Next, is getting real! I never can be faithful and hopeful about middle Beauty producers to make a real Lip Balms. You know that I am in such a big struggle to find best Lip Balm or Lip Butter which hydrates and treats in the same time, if you have read one of wonderful discoveries in Balms universe you probably are be able to estimate my expectation! Nevertheless, VS is not good at it. Shinny lips are way too distinct from healthy, even no chapped lips.  It doesn't contains hydrating ingredients to put moist and do a plumping job underneath the first layer of the lips. photos review on Victoria Secret Lip Products photos review on Victoria Secret Lip Products

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Best Nail Colors For A Beach trip #2

Best Nail Colors For A Beach trip #2

Bourjois So Laque Ultra shine and hold up to 7 days in Orange Creation 

The Point of the products:
One of the ultimate shinning nail colors I've ever owned. I can't stop staring at my nails.
It really lasts long; Not up to 7 days but about 4 to 5 days it is fine and acceptable.

Why This color: 
Orange tone based nail colors are my all time favorite for summer time. I find this color always shinning on top of other ones. Beside, orange tone is naturally in bronze family. And its magical power to shows  your skin even more bronzed is amazing. I usually, wear this nail color in beach or pool days. Many colors are appropriate for summer, but if you are seeking for a color specifically for swimming or tanning hours, This is it.

Reasons: The orange color contains some neon vibes, therefore it is easily recognizable through the water and strong sunlight when anyone can't open eyes.

Read the Part one of "Best Nail Colors for a Beach Trip" Here.

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Interview with Manisha Singh From

Interview with Manisha Singh From'sphpto+Interview with Manisha Singh editor and founder of

Getting know new people is amazing, Especially New Beauty Bloggers. Manisha Sinagh is the Lady behind ColorNGlitter blog. She works hard with her team to capture good photos, nice text and finally a lovely beauty blog product which reader enjoy waiting for next article. Her team is made up of editor, legal adviser, webmaster and Manish which founder, Author and Photographer! This blog is perfcet source for both beauty lover and skincare people because you there are a wide range of categories and articles there; All articles are honestly detailed and useful for shopping, add to your routine... Oh God! I can't be more excited. Go and check out her Blog HERE  soon.

 I asked Manisha About her SkinCare and she is going to share her secrets and products with us:

I enjoy pampering my skin! I enjoy it all the more when I find products that seem tailor-made to suit my needs. I have very sensitive skin. It is dry and irritated during winters and combination during the rest of the year. I am very picky about what I use because of how sensitive my skin is. However, I think I’ve found a great set of products for my skin.

  • I am loving Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief as a day time moisturizer. The texture is lovely. It is a gel crème formulation that gets absorbed very quickly. It takes care of dry patches very effectively (I usually have one on the tip of my nose and one my cheek). This moisturizer feels very soothing and I sometimes end up using it several times a day because of how good it feels.

  • I mix a small amount (pea sized) of Moisture Surge with my current favorite sunscreen - La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Extreme Fluid. This sunscreen provides very high protection for facial skin. It is also fragrance free, Paraben free, non- comedogenic and water resistant. Both these products work fine under makeup. I give it a few minutes before I apply makeup on top of this combination. This sunscreen is also quite hydrating. On some days, if I need to rush, I wear this sunscreen alone without the moisturizer. But such days are rare.

  • For nights, I am using two products – Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Serum and the The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I either use the Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Serum by itself or I follow it up with the The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Serum is an anti aging serum. It contains 24K Gold. This serum is formulated using Ayurvedic methods. It is natural and preservative free. Pure gold is infused in oils, herbs, roots, cows milk and clarified butter. This serum is supposed to increase the production of collagen and improve the elasticity the skin.

  • My skin glows when I wake up the morning after the night I’ve applied this serum. I love the product. I will be doing a detailed review of this product in a couple of days. When I am using the The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask after the Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Serum, I usually wait about 30 minutes after applying the serum. The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is very hydrating. It contains hyaluronic acid that helps the skin retain moisture. The other interesting ingredients of this mask are caffeine, Edelweiss stem cells and babassu oil. Caffeine has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to reduce puffiness around the eyes. My skin looks well hydrated and plump the morning after the night I use this mask. 

  • I also use the Forest Essentials Panchapushp toner each time I cleanse my face. This toner is a hydrosol (floral water) made by steam distilling Rose, Marigold, Bela, Kewda and Saffron. It smells divine and instantly refreshes the skin and prepares it for moisturization.

  • Once a week, I use the Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan powder mixed with milk as a face pack. It also gently exfoliates my skin while I massage my skin before washing it off.  Ubtan powers are traditional Indian preparations for cleansing and brightening the skin. Ubtans are made out of a variety of ingredients like herbs, flowers, dried roots and leaves. The ingredients are usually ground by hand and mixed with milk, yogurt or rosewater to make a scrub or face pack. Indian brides use Ubtans generously before their wedding to get their skin glowing on their wedding day. Forest Essentials Tejasvi Ubtan powder contains natural ingredients only. This powder is meant to deep cleanse and purify the skin, neutralize oil production, even skin tone, retain moisture, nourish and improve the texture of the skin, fight acne and pigmentation, improve the elasticity of the skin, remove dead cells, eliminate fine lines, improve collagen production and add a warm glow to the skin. I have repurchased this several times. Absolutely love this product.

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MAVALA nail polish dryer Spray VS Essence quick dry top coat

MAVALA nail polish dryer Spray VS Essence quick dry top coat

Have you found your holy grail top coat? If not, we are in the same boat. Long journey in beauty stores to make that happen; that moment which you know it is the seventh days of having your manicure neat and clean on No chipped tips! No one can say I found the best one but the factories are able to make progress. I have said last year here about two Top Coats by Sally Hansen.

These tried items are not the new arrival booms in the market and not the best one for sure; However I am lucky enough to take advantages for real coverage and brightness they bring to your nails.

MAVA DRY Nail Polish Dryer MAVALA Switzerland e150- 5 fl. oz :
Hands down, it feels unique to spray your top coat! It is so cool! A different way of top coat application! AND very light weight texture, brightening and Lovely product. Doesn't last longer than any other nail polish dryers out there, to be honest! 

ESSENCE quick dry top coat:
Before telling you the whole fact, I must say that I really love this product and I am extremely satisfied by the quality in comparison to the price tag.

On the back of the bottle it says:  Extremely fast drying top coat . Protects your nail polish against chipping!!!

After investigation: It doesn't dry fast! It takes time! Essence quick dry top coat DOES PROTECT!

My Vote: Winner is Essence Dry Top Coat!

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Review

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Review

You probably remember La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleansing Foaming Gel For Oily Sensitive Skin from here which I said how it works and I definitely count this product on the best La Roche-Posay skincare List. It is one the best in the market not only for reasonable price, it also shines for its ingredients. Sensitive skin, means having a vast aggressive body member which is hard to calm it down. I am one of those girls who get really upset by my skin's reactions. Therefore, La Roche-Posay  EFFACLAR line is appropriate for acne prone, oily and sensitive skins. It cleanse out all dirt, sweat and makeup without irritation. 

Afterward La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Multi-compensating soothing moisturizer Long lasting comfort is absolutely necessary. I won't say it is the one and only hydrating cream you must apply if you are suffering from acne prone skin! But, my point is that these two create a nice skincare feeling together. The moisturizer feels like you slap a big bowl of water on your face. It absorbs rapidly and disappear the tight and dryness after cleansing. It has a main difference with La Roche Posay Effaclar Matt Sebo Regulating Moisturizer Anti-Shine Anti-Enlarged pores which you can read the full review here; and it is their finish. The new one  is not mat and I prefer to use it at night or days I stay at home.

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Davines Love shampoo and Alchemic Conditioner

Davines Love shampoo and Alchemic Conditioner photo on sulfate free hair products, Alchemy and Avines

Frizzy hair might be brought to you by your genetic or after several highlights, dyeing and chemical transformation; It also can be caused by hormonal changes. In my case having under-active thyroid and always having lights on are enough to feel a bunch of dry frizzy hair on my head. On all these mentioned occasions what you need is a friendly hair system, a right routine to follow for keeping the hair body as healthy as possible. I love being healthy and beautiful in the same time; If you are me, it is impossible to choose one! I can't stop dyeing my hair to own shiny hair length.
My choices in Hair Care products are pretty strict. I don't changes my hair products as much as I do in skincare or cosmetic products.  Today I am telling you about smoothing Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner.

1. Davines Lovely Smoothing Shampoo  As it is said on the website it is contained Olive amphoacetate which acts as a gentle cleanser and Indian Fig extract to moisturize and two more exciting elements that I recommend you to click on the link and read it completely. It is worth it. photo on sulfate free hair products, Alchemy and Avines

2. Davines Alchemy system, Moisture and conditioner for Dry and Brittle Hair after cleansing your hair and scalp, cover your hair body with a rich moisturizing conditioner. alchemy System is a huge line of Davines with so many choices for all type of hair. This one feels so good. I never had tried the Davines products before and I am sure I have lost a lot. Because on all beauty blogging sphere you hear so much about Kerastase, Dove and L'real hair care bottles continuously. These brands are very nice and well made but Davines is not known as it mush be.
For this specific product I couldn't find the exact link; It may be discontinued!  But the link is Alchemic Products page which you can find a variable group there. photo on sulfate free hair products, Alchemy and Avines

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Best Nail Colors for a Beach Trip #1

Best Nail Colors for a Beach Trip #1 photo on 1second gel silicon texture nail color by Bourjois Review

In my imaginative mind each color suits a specific event, place or meeting! I never go to a formal congress with having pink neon color on my nails! It was an example to get the mean deeply! It was awkward I know! A summer definite treat that everyone must try is A Full Beach Day! A Full Beach Day with considering all Lifestyle, Fashion style and Beauty trends on air. My point is doing what sending you heavier joy of Sea Joy! As you are walking by the sea, or playfully swimming in, You must be able to see harsh, neon and  bright colors!

In terms of my passion for hands! (Hands are characteristic features, in my opinion) plus visual summer vibes I introduce you the best alternative, easy to find, any color skin pair: "BOURJOIS PARIS 1second gel silicon texture Anti-Debordement Fan effect , neat nails in color no. 6301
Against the other one that I've reviewed here and I said its color transforms, this one is absolutely beautiful and has a permanent place in my nail colors box.
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MyDailyWear blog's Interview

MyDailyWear blog's Interview

I love surfing internet to find a people with a good taste of Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle. I am going to tell you more about these type of people and more precisely about the bloggers who are truly do with love and for love. Ladies and Gentlemen, here you have Isabela Nair . 

ONE MORE THING TO SAY: I am so Sorry for blurred photos, Isabela and I struggled to make them right, but two of them are like this!  I couldn't remove the blurred picture not for lacking of delete Key, just because of the sophisticated gestures and piece she wears! 

1. Your name, blog address, and why fashion blogging? 
My name is Izabela and I blog at I have been interested in fashion ever since I remember. Like every girl, I enjoyed dressing up my dolls. I then started buying teenage magazines to see what my idols were wearing. Over the years my style has evolved. As I became more confident in my choices, I decided to set up my blog to showcase my style.

2. What is your recommendation for a working, period, Monday situation outfit?

As there are no set rules when it comes to dressing for work, you need to consider what company you work for. While it is perfectly normal to wear jeans to the office if you work in a creative industry, they won’t be acceptable in a corporate environment. I’m lucky enough to work in a relaxed office without any strict dress codes. So, if I don’t have any meetings planned, I usually opt for a smart casual look and would wear a dress or cigarette trousers with a smart top or jumper.

3.What would you pick if you have only three minutes for date night out? Shoes? bag? outfit? Perfumes?

Isabela Nair's Interview on
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To be honest I haven’t been on a date night for ages. But if I was asked out and had to quickly put together an outfit, I’d go for jeans and a smart top. I’d then polish off the look with a great pair of heels and a blazer. Oh, and I certainly wouldn’t forget to wear my favorite scent. At the moment, it’s Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf.

4. Do you spend more time on makeup or choosing and fitting your outfit?
 I’m not really a make up kind of girl - I wear the same foundation and mascara all year round. I focus more on mixing and matching various pieces to create my unique look. 

5. Are you a skirt type of girl or Jeans n Shirt one? Why? Let us know your favorite look of?

 I love wearing dresses and skirts with heels as they are super feminine. However, on dress down days, you can certainly spot me in jeans.  

6.What is your most formal look?

An LBD is my must have item for a formal look. It is easy to dress down or up so it always works. For example, I can team it with a blazer and pearls for an interview or with bold heels and chunky jewelry to a party.

7. What is your most casual look?
Isabela Nair's Interview on

During my dress down days you can often spot me in jeans or jumper dresses.

8. How people can find you? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,...

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