Best Nail Colors For A Beach trip #2

Bourjois So Laque Ultra shine and hold up to 7 days in Orange Creation 

The Point of the products:
One of the ultimate shinning nail colors I've ever owned. I can't stop staring at my nails.
It really lasts long; Not up to 7 days but about 4 to 5 days it is fine and acceptable.

Why This color: 
Orange tone based nail colors are my all time favorite for summer time. I find this color always shinning on top of other ones. Beside, orange tone is naturally in bronze family. And its magical power to shows  your skin even more bronzed is amazing. I usually, wear this nail color in beach or pool days. Many colors are appropriate for summer, but if you are seeking for a color specifically for swimming or tanning hours, This is it.

Reasons: The orange color contains some neon vibes, therefore it is easily recognizable through the water and strong sunlight when anyone can't open eyes.

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