MAVALA nail polish dryer Spray VS Essence quick dry top coat

Have you found your holy grail top coat? If not, we are in the same boat. Long journey in beauty stores to make that happen; that moment which you know it is the seventh days of having your manicure neat and clean on No chipped tips! No one can say I found the best one but the factories are able to make progress. I have said last year here about two Top Coats by Sally Hansen.

These tried items are not the new arrival booms in the market and not the best one for sure; However I am lucky enough to take advantages for real coverage and brightness they bring to your nails.

MAVA DRY Nail Polish Dryer MAVALA Switzerland e150- 5 fl. oz :
Hands down, it feels unique to spray your top coat! It is so cool! A different way of top coat application! AND very light weight texture, brightening and Lovely product. Doesn't last longer than any other nail polish dryers out there, to be honest! 

ESSENCE quick dry top coat:
Before telling you the whole fact, I must say that I really love this product and I am extremely satisfied by the quality in comparison to the price tag.

On the back of the bottle it says:  Extremely fast drying top coat . Protects your nail polish against chipping!!!

After investigation: It doesn't dry fast! It takes time! Essence quick dry top coat DOES PROTECT!

My Vote: Winner is Essence Dry Top Coat!

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