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I love surfing internet to find a people with a good taste of Fashion, Beauty and lifestyle. I am going to tell you more about these type of people and more precisely about the bloggers who are truly do with love and for love. Ladies and Gentlemen, here you have Isabela Nair . 

ONE MORE THING TO SAY: I am so Sorry for blurred photos, Isabela and I struggled to make them right, but two of them are like this!  I couldn't remove the blurred picture not for lacking of delete Key, just because of the sophisticated gestures and piece she wears! 

1. Your name, blog address, and why fashion blogging? 
My name is Izabela and I blog at www.mydailywear.co.uk. I have been interested in fashion ever since I remember. Like every girl, I enjoyed dressing up my dolls. I then started buying teenage magazines to see what my idols were wearing. Over the years my style has evolved. As I became more confident in my choices, I decided to set up my blog to showcase my style.

2. What is your recommendation for a working, period, Monday situation outfit?

As there are no set rules when it comes to dressing for work, you need to consider what company you work for. While it is perfectly normal to wear jeans to the office if you work in a creative industry, they won’t be acceptable in a corporate environment. I’m lucky enough to work in a relaxed office without any strict dress codes. So, if I don’t have any meetings planned, I usually opt for a smart casual look and would wear a dress or cigarette trousers with a smart top or jumper.

3.What would you pick if you have only three minutes for date night out? Shoes? bag? outfit? Perfumes?

Isabela Nair's Interview on www.tobelikealady.com
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To be honest I haven’t been on a date night for ages. But if I was asked out and had to quickly put together an outfit, I’d go for jeans and a smart top. I’d then polish off the look with a great pair of heels and a blazer. Oh, and I certainly wouldn’t forget to wear my favorite scent. At the moment, it’s Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf.

4. Do you spend more time on makeup or choosing and fitting your outfit?
 I’m not really a make up kind of girl - I wear the same foundation and mascara all year round. I focus more on mixing and matching various pieces to create my unique look. 

5. Are you a skirt type of girl or Jeans n Shirt one? Why? Let us know your favorite look of?

 I love wearing dresses and skirts with heels as they are super feminine. However, on dress down days, you can certainly spot me in jeans.  

6.What is your most formal look?

An LBD is my must have item for a formal look. It is easy to dress down or up so it always works. For example, I can team it with a blazer and pearls for an interview or with bold heels and chunky jewelry to a party.

7. What is your most casual look?
Isabela Nair's Interview on www.tobelikealady.com

During my dress down days you can often spot me in jeans or jumper dresses.

8. How people can find you? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,...

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