Interview with Kiera Murrel from Beautydeprived Blog

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1.Who are you? And why you like to share your picks and experiences with other girls?

I am Kiera Murrell from beautydeprived.BlogSpot.com and I decided to share my picks and experiences with other girls because as a beauty blogger I know the whole struggle of the orange line and tacky lipgloss. I wanted to create a space online where girls could go for help with makeup and learn about new products, and to receive tips on how to create looks. Remembering though that every girl does their makeup in their own way.

2. Tell us Your worst experience with makeup?

Learning to fill my brows in. There were not great at all, I started off using a eyebrow pencil that was practically orange and wasn't blonde at all. They weren't even and they didn't look natural in the slightest.

3. Do have any recommendation for drugstore foundation?

L'Oreal True Match is a beauty. I have oily skin and it feels so silky on my skin, it creates a gorgeous duey look. However that being said if you have dry skin, don't steer away from it because it works on all skin types.

4.Are you an eye pencil girl or a liquid eyeliner one? Tell us your favorite product?

I've been both of these girls before. I used to love eye pencils, however lately I'm all over the liquid eyeliner trend. My favourite product is the Supercat eyeliner by Soap & Glory. It's a felt tip eyeliner and is super easy to use.

www.tobelikealady.com photo of an interview with beautydeprived.blogspot.com

5. Any solution to purchase the right color in drugstore shopping? (For concealer and Foundation)

When I go shopping just for concealer and foundation, I go bared face. The reason for this being that I like to take a tester and put a bit on the back of my hand and blend it on my neck. I do this until I find one that looks most natural. This is the easiest way I find because you have no product on your skin.

6. Which lipstick brand you believe in?

MAC cosmetics lipsticks are to die for. They have a gorgeous range of all different types of lipsticks. I would highly recommend the CrèmeSheens. They're moisturising but with a good lasting power.

www.tobelikealady.com photo of an interview with beautydeprived.blogspot.com

7. What is the best makeup bag? Why?

A clear makeup bag that's wipe able.  I love using clear makeup bags as you can see the products you've got and don't spend hours rummaging around for the lipstick you want. If you're a makeup wearer then I'm sure you'll know the horrid sight of foundation that has leaked everywhere onto a fabric makeup bag. It's ruined completely. If you have a wipe-able makeup bag then you can just take a baby wipe and wipe away the mess.

8. How we can get in touch with you? Twitter? Instagram? Fb?

You can get in touch with me via twitter and Instagram. I am on both constantly!! My twitter is; kieramurrellxo and my Instagram is; beautydeprived

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