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For getting ready and going out, I always have a my makeup bag with me. The things inside change based on my makeup at the time. The lipstick I take with me and other stuff. Among all temporary members of my daily makeup bag one piece which always sits there proudly and necessarily IS My Breathe Freshener! I am so sensitive to smells and I can't accept being a lady with a normal Breath scent even. Your breath smell must be scented amazing. Remember any type of scent from you is a definition of your beauty and style. So take it seriously and chase for the best product you access. Mint chewing gums and Breath Freshener Spray are two of your best friends while you are negotiating a business topic or making love with your partner.
This one is Frostie Premium Breath Freshener with Xylitol Alcohol Free coolmint. That's completely true. The spray is cooling and the flavor is absolutely refreshing.

www.tobelikealady.com post on Breath freshener

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