Tobelikealady's post on BULGARI AQUA DIVINA Perfume

My second perfume experience from BULGARI and Again I am on the moon. If you have no idea what I am talking about check out here.

I purchased this perfume in 2015 few months after launching. It was launched with the beautiful face Magdalena Frackowiak. This one is from Aqua collection. Many years ago I have seen and tested the Aqua Man and was wondering what if it turned into a women scent and how the aroma will turn out! Now I have it.

Tobelikealady's post on BULGARI AQUA DIVINA Perfume

This purchase has been a revolutionary scent in entire my Fragrance experiences. It is not sweet; It is not a strong woody type. Aqua Divina Bulgari is totally different! It was my husband choice. I said Ok, I go with your choice to see what’s going on and challenge my inner perfume addict. Now, I am absolutely happy with that. 

My descriptions about a perfume are a whole distinct world from what a perfume expert says. In my opinion it is a business women scent, or a very focused and hard working women. A lady who wants to have the scent on, for 12 hours of working. As I put it on, I feel my mood changes into a concentrated and organized personality.
However, you beauty geeks may need professional information about BULGARI AQUA DIVINA formulation. Here you go:

Olfactory family: Floral - Solar - Watery
Top Notes: Salty Bergamot - Pink Ginger
Heart Notes: Magnolia - Sunlit Quince
Base Notes: Beeswax - Nude Amber There are so many place you can buy that online. 

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