Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

I love this Awareness announcement by www.jostrust.org.uk. It's lovely and encouraging. I love the information, the awareness plans they work on for Cervical Cancer Awareness week. My Favorite challenge by far has been The #SmearforSmear !!!! That's so cool. Last year on Instagram a small group of beauty bloggers did that. It's fun and a quick way to send the message.

  From 24th till 30th of January is the European Cervical Cancer Awareness week. It doesn't mean if you are not living in Europe must be out of the circle. As long as you are a Lady, take care of your cervical Health and do the Smear test.

Don't be stupid and don't avoid get tested for fear of result. It is as important as Life or Die story. Cervical cancer is one of  the most popular cancers among women. by Smear Test you are able to stop cervical cancer from developing. please, don't sit and wait for your family GP or clinical plans to invite you, do it as soon as possible. Prevention always is the key. If you catch it in time by the clinical team, it certainly is under control. Smear test just take few minutes to do. It doesn't hurt! Take care of your health and do whatever you can to be screened continuously. Center of Disease Control and Prevention  helps you better to understand what is the smear test, solutions, treatments and more.

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