Interview with Abbigayle Warner

Abbigayle Warner Interview on www.tobelikealady.com

Today we have a wonderful woman here who shares with us from Internet tricks up to the her favorite brands. She is the sweetest girl in the town and I so excited for this Interview. Not only fro having a kind smart beautiful lady, also because chatting with her taught me a lot. Here you.

1. First thing first, tell us about yourself: Who You? 

My Name is Abbigayle Warner , Im from Birmingham England . I was lucky enough to live in the USA for about 8 years from a teen where I got to experience a different  but awesome kind of living. Im a very happily busy mom of a 3 year old . I am also a first year student working on my BA degree in Graphic Design, owner of an events company  and a Youtube Gamer , vlogger and singer! 

2.Your Instagram and Blog is massively inspiring; Would you tell us a crucial tip for Beginners and Developed ones?
Abbigayle Warner Interview on www.tobelikealady.com

Thank you! I actually only just started focusing on my instagram in December , I had hit a brick wall wth subscribers and had 1.5k subscribers literally ALL YEAR! So in December I said to myself I would take a new approach and really stick to it . so far so good! 
The Biggest Tip I can give is - think about your image , the composition , the lighting , the location , does it tell a story? is it relatable to your target market AND to your followers? How can you link this with your blog later down the line? I try to plan my posts  but obviously if i'm on the go i just snap whats in front of me , but I always try to make sure my image looks as visually appealing as possible!

3. What type of content do you mainly feature on your blog?

Abbigayle Warner Interview on www.tobelikealady.com

I Launched Abbigaylewarner.com in December 2015 to be a Personal Lifestyle blog. I feature my favourite outfits , tips for youtubers and bloggers, beauty products i'm in love with and also Tech Gadgets i'm OBSESSED with! 
My other blog Stealstylist.com  is where it all started for me so I have a special connection to it. I've featured just about everything on this blog  as I struggled at first to find my Niche;  However I now I mainly feature organising tips , planner decor pages, printables and my top shopping picks in fashion and beauty! 

4. One of your recent posts was a collection of guidelines for YouTubers, How do you describe YouTube Position among thousands of other social medias?

Abbigayle Warner Interview on www.tobelikealady.com

Yes, I have a series called Youtuber 101 where I give newbies the basics to get started in the youtube world. I wrote it simply because I wish I had a set of guidelines when i first started! it would have sped up my Subscriber process so much faster! I don't consider myself a big youtuber, I have 15k Subscribers which isn't even a dent in the youtubesphere , but I do have a lot of dedicated subscribers  who would love to get started and create videos like myself!

5. One of the most common challenge for bloggers is about "To stay Motivated", let us know you tips and tricks?

Staying motivated wont be a  problem if you always have something to do. I choose to stay busy literally from the second I wake up , to the second i close my eyes I'm busy doing something. I can't even count on my hand anymore how many times i've woke up in the morning with the laptop sitting on my lap in the same position it was before I fell asleep! The way i see it is if you are always doing something then you always have something to blog about . If you love blogging about makeup , then redo your makeup as many times as you can a day and take a picture! ,set up a photoshoot in your room of the products you use as well! . Window Shop online and create a wish list , then share it on your blog! , theres always something to  blog about , you just need to think outside the box a little 

6. How do you find out the clue to your personal style? That's because so many ladies out there struggle with choosing and clothing on daily basis.

Honestly , I'm still figuring that out myself. I'm right on the borderline of plus size and not plus size , so finding clothes that always fit  just isn't the case. I always think whatever i'm wearing needs to look flattering in pictures. Not because i plan on taking pictures of myself , but the camera never lies ! so if you look good on camera then you look good through the natural lens of other peoples eyes! &#X1f60a

7. No surprise that designers' clothing lines are popular and everyone would love to have them in their wardrobe; But can You tell us about affordable labels which you love them?

I live in River Island , they are a prefect mix of designer and high street! . Their prices can be a little on the up side but I tend to only shop in the sale. My other shopping heaven is Debhenamns ! You just cant beat a sale from them! The quality is outstanding!

Skirt from Debhenamns | http://abbigaylewarner.com/oxford-street-and-booty-chic/
  Yesterday I had a awesome shopping experience in Oxford street. The sales were insane and I swear I didn’t want to leave. even though my shopping experience only lasted about an hour and half (due to the fact that I spent the other hour in lush ALONE) I still managed to pretend like a was a character from sex and the city (uk version lol) and shop like I was made for London. W H A T  I  W[Read more]

8. We can't go through an Interview with you without asking about your daily Beauty bag?

Abbigayle Warner Interview on www.tobelikealady.com

I tend to do all my makeup before I leave each morning. I don't travel with a lot, so if I have lashes on i'll bring Lash glue and a spare set of lashes , MAC Studio Fix Foundation for light touch ups , a few lipsticks in total opposite colours incase I need to go from everyday to night time glam  and a contour pallete that I can also use a smoky eyeshadow!

9. Please, note three of your favorite bloggers?
A BEAUTIFUL MESS - http://www.abeautifulmess.com | ORGANIZATION QUEENS
AS TOLD BY TASHPANTZ http://tashpantz.com | LOVE HER STYLE!
LYDIA ROSE http://lydiarosexo.blogspot.co.uk |love her photography skills

10. Please, Note three of your favorite blog Post so far?

1. WINTER DAYS AND SUNNY SMILES TODDLER OOTD http://abbigaylewarner.com/winter-days-and-sunny-smiles-toddler-ootd/ 
Today my Daughter Mckenna is my muse. She’s only three but already knows what she loves in life! Singing , dancing , acting, dressing up in princess costumes and posing for the camera!  I admire that about her and hope she continues to love herself and everyone else as her life continues! The first look is from our Boxing day meal at PHO and  second look is from the day After when we went shopping in Merry Hill Look#1 Scarf[Read more]

Two years ago I wrote a bucket list of resolutions for 2014 over on my other blogSTEALSTYLIST.COM but I brought the post over here so you guys could see too! My list was long and some things on it were not exactly achievable , but looking back now i’m actually quite shocked at how many I was able to cross off! So much happened in 2014 and 2015 that it’s like the two years merged, it went so[Read more]

SS GUIDE TO FASHION | Rainy day Chic . My top 5 picks of the week
 It was wonderful chatting with you.