Sunday Breakfast

Breakfast means so much to me. Friday Morning Breakfast means double to me (Lol).
Seriously, in my family (My husband, My Dog and I) we love the mornings to prepare and have it together. Beside the hunger game in early morning the friendship and love that become stronger. It’s literally a tradition in our small community.. I need to tell you something: I am not the healthiest person on the earth but I feel peacefully after a healthy meal. 

This recipe is what I tried and failed over and over and now I have a delicious way to prepare my favorite breakfast:
1.     Rice flour 2 table spoon
2.     Grounded oatmeal 5 table spoon
3.     Egg white 4
4.     Banana 2 smashed
5.     Protein Powder 2 table spoon
6.     Milk 4table spoon
7.     Vanilla ¼ tea spoon

Just mix the entire ingredients once and together in your blender. Now you have the best material to cook. I let each side of pancakes to be heated for 30 seconds. And that’s it. I know that the tastier the better. But remember the sweetness of Banana can make you satisfied enough like you don’t need sugar at all. This Breakfast is absolutely filling before a long walks and sightseeing in the city. I believe it is a complete ball of nutrition for an amazing morning. Have your coffee or tea and enjoy the meal.

1.     Use a non-stick pan.
2.     A flat pan makes everything easier
3.     Don’t hurry.

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