Beauty Cotton Pads You need On your Vanity

Beauty Cotton Pads You need On your Vanity

The unseen soul of Beauty Vanities is Cotton. In Cotton pads, Cotton balls, Cotton cube, etc. I love them and I must admit cotton in any type is my first support to wear makeup and cleans.  When I have them filled in my glass jar I feel a friend is watching me and can clean up all mess I create.

Process of wearing makeup is what I enjoy even more than the makeup itself. So I usually when get completely lost and frustrated with eyeliner and lip liner I pick up a handy cotton buds.

The wide cotton pads with scrubber texture are my all-time favorite guy to remove my makeup in first cleansing step with cleansing water (I wash it off afterward by my cleansing gel).

The rounded soft medium size cotton pads are permanent tool to remove my waterproof eye makeup with coconut oil, then with cleansing water And finally a gentle cleansing gel and cold water ( I am a cleansing freak).  

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