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Being a lady is a phenomenon. The rules you need to follow to be like a lady, are not scary at all. Don't think about hard strict rules in royal palace. Everything is about joy, strategy and knowledge in relation with your life, your body and understanding on the structure of your face and hair. I would like to contemplate the details. The brows' form, chins' shape, heels, matte leather, creamy lipstick, light weight oils, feminine perfumes, a pamper night; I talk about styling. How to wear, where to put on that certain coat. What you need to get fit. I take you to the most tiny pieces of a lady's lifestyle. Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Health.

I am Chista, Iranian, 29 years old. I live currently in Caracas, Venezuela with my husband and little dog named Termeh. I have always been into eye makeup, struggling how to wear heels and healthy recipes. However whole my past is way too different from what I am doing right now. Actually a full time blogger! With thousands of idea in mind and couples in hand.  I studied Math in High School! Yeah, in my country in high school you must choose one major out of four and study for about four years. At university I studied English translation. I thought I would be an English teacher, a writer or translator! I experienced three of them. But you know what? We didn't have any lipstick to play with; any scarf and sunglasses to talk about!

Well, you may know me a little more. I really appreciate any opinion, comment, suggestion, rejection :) So, don't hesitate and come and say hello. I love making friends.

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